Plugins used on my Site

Plugins used on my Site

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Theme used on my site:

This Theme here is based on Relaxation_3column with some adjustments I did just for my pleasure… (this was 2006!!)

update: new theme version since may 23rd 06
So I call my theme now ‘Longjorn_ns’ Version: 0.3, because it’s the third variation of my longjorn – themes
update: new theme version since march 07
some themes passed by, now is dust 3 beta by me, more themes you find here:

Quite old entry, time is passing, find the old theme with download here:

Dust Themes

Plugins used on my site: (better check Sitemap / Plugins for actual content)

Use plugins to play audio, , games and more. Plugins are Firefox add-ons that manage Internet content that Firefox is not gned to process. Description. A number of the javascript libraries distributed with WordPress are also hosted on Google’s AJAX Libraries API. This plugin allows your WordPress site This page has a list of some of the best and must use WordPress . Check out this list and find out which you should be using to improve your blogging WordPress › Use Any Font Use any ft you wish and give your a elegant look. No css knowledge required. Click here for Use Any Ft working demo. Use Any Ft gives you dom to use Tags: wordpress, font, wordpress, WordPress are composed of php scripts that extend the functiality of WordPress. They offer new additis to your blog that either enhance features that were


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