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:!: I am sorry to tell all previously registered users that you have to apply for a new password on login – I hope it works! :!:
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Update to Forum – New Look – New Platform

1. Jun. 2013 (von: master)

Starting june 2013 I migrated this forum to a new platform.For years the forum was running on bbPress 1.1, now I use here phpBB 3.0.11While bbPress stand alone forum software is not updated anymore, I find a huge community supporting…

Re: Update to Forum – New Look – New Platform :: Reply by Joern

11. Mai. 2015 (von: Joern)

110515 updating using automatic update phpBB-3.1.3_to_3.1.4backup sql and files firstupload install and vendor from this packagestarted install, creates a .zip to download with changed filesuploaded the whole thing by overwritingupdate ermittelt die Unterschiede nochmals -> Das Update der Dateien war…


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