how to add link to Flash

von Joern am 28. Jan. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

I have a Flash image here http://www.mcbarronwood.com/ i want to hyperlink it, its possible i have tried alot, but not clear!

(von: niiki)

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Re: how to add link to Flash :: Reply by Joern

28. Jan. 2011 (von: Joern)

I think the link has to be in the flash .swf file itself.____________________you find me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook Weiterlesen →

Re: how to add link to Flash :: Reply by mareaa

31. Jan. 2011 (von: mareaa)

1. Go to File -> Publish settings and set ActionScript version to ActionScript 2.0 2. Insert new layer 3. Create a square with Rectangle tool, that is larger than banner 4. Right click on square and chose Convert to symbol...…

Re: how to add link to Flash :: Reply by niiki

31. Jan. 2011 (von: niiki)

thanks for your replies, very informative and helped alot. Weiterlesen →


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