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von Joern am 30. Jul. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Hey all,
First off, I’ve been lurking for about a year and this forum has been a GREAT source of knowledge. Now… onto the problem. This seems to only be happening in IE, all pages look fine in Firefox. Not even sure when these problems started occurring:
1) Featured section appears to be floating left, below the headline video

2) Sidebar- doesn’t show adsense

3) Formatting from the headline down is off
I’m pretty sure this is due to the custom video code being used to embed a video in the headline section… am I missing a </div> or something? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. The site is: link removed by admin

(von: waywestmedia)

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Re: Index.php Problem IE :: Reply by Joern

30. Jul. 2010 (von: Joern)

I can see the problem in IE, looks like a missing /div. It is a missing </object> I would say, you have (in source code)Code:<div id="headlinevideo"><object width="480" height="295">....<embed src=....</embed></div>It should look like this with closing /object before the /div:Code:<div id="headlinevideo"><object…

Re: Index.php Problem IE :: Reply by waywestmedia

30. Jul. 2010 (von: waywestmedia)

Easy as that! Thank you so much for the quick reply. After making that post, I had a sneaking suspicion it was the video code that was throwing things off. Thanks again! Oh... Joern, can you remove the link to…


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