need your advice on what to do for a client site. Pls help?

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What’s up. I have since the last time consulted 2 people on WP coding issue with 100 success and finished developing a site for an infoentertainment firm using the Winston Magazine theme. I now have a client who has a villa or vacation rental site
You can visit it www.thecaribbeanvillas.com here
I want to use WP to redo the site and I cannot for the life of me, locate leave alone a vacation rental theme but plug in.
I want to be able to have a form, whereby you can select

number of baths, bedrooms, smoking, non smoking, price range and it pulls up the properties.
What would you recommend in terms of wordpress? There are many turnkey solutions in php but they cost a lot of money and I want to stay open source and FREE.
Secondly, my client has 200 pictures uploaded and the info stored in a database

so if we have to design a new site using wordpress, is there anyway we can transfer the image table data over with minimum effort. I was thinking that
since all property images and features on his current site are displayed as a result of someone filling out a form, from a folder called, let’s say images

then we can bulk copy/paste those images into a sub-folder in a wp theme called images so he doesn’t have to upload them one by one , however when he writes a post/page he will have to set up the custom link structure to associate a particular image with a post right?
Thanks for your help

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Re: need your advice on what to do for a client site. Pls help? :: Reply by omerkhan01

12. Jun. 2010 (von: omerkhan01)

Joern, I found a wp plug in which is great. Now I am using a theme which has the following index.php codeCode:<?php get_header(); ?>   <?php if(!is_paged()) { ?>   <div id="top" class="clearfloat">      <div id="headline">      <img src="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>/wp-content/themes/arthemia/images/headline.png"…


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