trojan horse sheur.afj – hot!

von Joern am 13. Jul. 2007 | Keine Kommentare

Ist das der neue Trojaner sheur?

Ich glaube kaum, trotzdem gefällt mir dieses trojanische Pferd.

Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse photographer: GoGap

Does any body know anything about this trojan horse?

although, there is nothing published, it is all but certain that "SHeur.afj", is, at the present time (that associated with AVG and Quicken) a false positive. Respuestas a la pregunta Virus trojan SHeur.AFJ, Preguntas relacionadas con virus trojan sheur.afj - 2457207 - 0 ayuda, encuentra la solución Hi to allToday just when opened my VAIO a thread message from AVG antivirus came up: DETECTED IN MYCLUBVAIO.EXEAnyone has Trojan SHeur.CCHV? | Yahoo Answers SHeur .CCHV? Hey, This applies to (variants are SHeur.DKL I think this false alarm notice applies to any SHeur Tags: trojan, horse, sheur, Detected. Posted on September 25, 2008 by Aegisthus If you receive such a message from your antivirus program, don’t panic.


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