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I would say: Why not?

That’s what hosting providers are here for.

However, ‚free hosting‘ has to generate money too! Do you think they really give this for free to thousands of customers?

They might put their advertising on your site, give you an old and slow server and not much rights to configure anything.
Just google for ‚godaddy forum installation problem‘ and read some of the 55.000 results, than you get an idea about free hosting.
Read webhosting – getting started at Godaddy for your special question:

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(von: Joern)

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Godaddy free hosting and forums :

18. Feb. 2010 (von: fiazio)

Hello,I just wanted to know whether it is possible to put up a forum at the free hosting that godaddy provides.Thank you. Weiterlesen →

Re: Godaddy free hosting and forums : :: Reply by fiazio

19. Feb. 2010 (von: fiazio)

Hey Joe,Thanks for replying.Godaddy injects advertisements on the top of any page hosted free.I don't think its possible to put up a forum there, It has an option for Mysql, I'm not really familiar with it but they don't have…


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