can you please quickly test this real estate IDX api/plugin

von Joern am 16. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

So remember, i was tellinge you about a real estate IDX api/plug in I found.
Justgo here and sign up and you will be sent an activation key that you enter into the plug in fields. It is only a demo however.
If you visit my developing websitehere
you will see that there is no search options for property type like condo, residential, commercial. THat should pull up a whole bunch of options unless of course it won’t since this is a demo. I was wondering if you see it these options or not. If not, then I can logically infer that it is a demo.
You go to ww.dsidxpress.com

fill out your info

They send you an activation key

You download the plug in from a link they give you

activate it in WP

and then add the widget to the sidebar.
Simply. I just want to see if the oroperty type option is available for you. IF it is then any reason why it is not showing up for me?
BTW All other components of the site are doing excellent and I will be showing it to the client on Tues. It will blow his mind away that I was able to replicate and implement every feature he wanted and developed this site in 3 days.
Thanks for your help!

(von: omerkhan01)

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Re: can you please quickly test this real estate IDX api/plugin :: Reply by Joern

16. Mai. 2010 (von: Joern)

Omar, sorry, don't you have another site for testing? I will not sign in anywhere for a demo plugin and run it on my site, sorry.I am however almost sure you had the property option when I visited your site…


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