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I would recommend to update! Sure there are some stories of peoples having problems upgrading – but this doesn’t reflect my experience.

The WordPress team tries to keep most stuff backwards compatible, I think they remove functions only if there are security reasons.

The security of the WordPress installation is the most important reason for updates.
I always date the site manually up.

FIRST: Backup your database (I never needed the backup yet…)
Next I download the latest WordPress version and unzip it.
In the unzipped folder (eg wordpress-3.4.2) is a ‚wordpress‘ folder with the files you have as old version in the root (or a subfolder).
On my PC in the wordpress folder I rename the folder wp-admin to ‚wp-admin-new‘ and also the folder wp-includes to wp-admin-new.
Now I start the ftp prog (filezilla), select all files and folders in the wordpress folder on my PC and drag them to the site.
It will ask to overwrite existing files – I click overwrite.
Now it will overwrite the files in root, like wp-activate.php, wp-app.php etc, the important wp-config.php is not there and will not be changed on the site.
This upload will not delete your theme folder and plugins.
after uploading I go to the window showing files and folders on your site.

Here is now additionally to your wp-admin and wp-includes folders the folders wp-admin-new and wp-includes-new.
So I rename the existing folder wp-admin to wp-admin-old and the new folder wp-admin-new to wp-admin.

Exactly the same I do with wp-includes, rename one to wp-includes-old and give the new folder wp-admin-new the name wp-admin.
like this you keep the old files on site, in case anything doesn’t work.
On logging into WordPress it will tell you to update the database, let it do, and have a look at the ’new‘ dashboard. (not so new, but slightly different than 2.7)
Finally check your site if all is ‚hopefully‘ working – I believe yes.
The renamed folders …-old you can delete anytime later.
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Issues with upgrading WordPress, please help!

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Re: Issues with upgrading WordPress, please help! :: Reply by omerkhan01

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Re: Issues with upgrading WordPress, please help! :: Reply by Joern

12. Okt. 2012 (von: Joern)

this "auto update" button might be much easier, but I never tried it. You have to supply your ftp login and hope it works. In case anything goes wrong, you have to do it manually. So I prefer doing it…


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