need your advice about an e-commerce issue and WordPress

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I have a client who customizes the color for iPhone cases, screens and keyboard buttons. He wants to set up a store whereby people can choose what color they want for the feature of their choice. They will pay for it including the shipping and then they will ship the iPhone to him in California where he will customize the iPhone feature color. He wants to generate a shipping label for them, so that when they go to ship their phones to him using UPS or Fedex, they don’t have to pay for a second time. They already paid because the cost including a shipping fee in the cart.
So what I was thinking is, getting a theme which has a built in ecommerce cart type of feature and in the shipping area , the customer will enter HIS shipping address and then he will have theirs through the billing address information. That is one way
Otherwise, if they enter their shipping information, then the shipping label will have their address, not my client’s and I am not sure if UPS or Fedex will charge them to enter another address.

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Re: need your advice about an e-commerce issue and WordPress :: Reply by omerkhan01

9. Mai. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

I found the solution. Thanks! Weiterlesen →


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