DIVs not rendering properly in IE, please help!

von Joern am 3. Mai. 2012 | Keine Kommentare

Here is the page
In all browseres the div’s float properly but in IE, the div’s end up at the bottom.
Please advise
I discovered that
I broke down the 3 div in the container that holds them into names

The contact div is called content_right. It is floating "left"

The ad div is called div_contentadbar also floating left".
Try putting float right for the contentadbar , would this help?

(von: omerkhan01)

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Re: DIVs not rendering properly in IE, please help! :: Reply by Joern

3. Mai. 2012 (von: Joern)

the problem seems to be a line of code I can see only in source code of IE ??get the firefox sourcecode and also the IE sourcecode and compare the 10 lines following the div class="bigright" (about 617 or 618)In…


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