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I think most sites display also in iPhone, Blackberry or Android Browsers.

You just have to ‚zoom‘ in and scroll left-right and up-down
An optimized site will fit in width, so you just scroll down. Beside that mobile themes try to supply less stuff, smaller images etc to reduce traffic/loading-time
On my Android Phone I see your site as here on my PC, so I have too zoom in to read.
There are two common ways to make a site mobile-ready:
a:) You might use a ‚fluid‘ theme. This is trying to fit to the browsers display size, is hiding some stuff, pushes menues to bottom and shows content first.

All that is done just by style.css using the same templates. (not by plugin)
You can test this way online, see my celebslatest site in different sizes here:
http://bueltge.de/test/media-query-test … est.com%2F
enter your site and test it.
This ‚Simple Media Queries Tester‘ however fakes only the screen size of any browser.
This is where we come to the second approach:
b:) Using a plugin to read the user-agent of the browser: this tries to get the mobile web browsing device like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile, Palm Pre/Pixi or BlackBerry OS6.

If the visitor is using a mobile device, the plugin switches to a completely different theme, mostly included in the plugin stuff.

These themes however just display your content in their way, modifications you have to add in this second theme too, same applies for adds…

Testrun a theme like this is not so easy, as long you do not have all: iPhone, Android mobile, Palm Pre and BlackBerry.

For tests using a PC there is an addon for FireFox: ‚User Agent RG‘

This fakes your Firefox to be an Iphone etc and visiting sites you get the mobile version to see. Recommended for tests.
On the same sample site http://www.celebslatest.com I use the WordPress plugin ‚WPtouch‘

Test it on your mobile device, you ‚might‘ get the mobile theme, sometimes not.
With this plugin you will not do any harm to your site, it’s worth a try…
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how do you make your WP site responsive and look good in a mobile phone

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Re: how do you make your WP site responsive and look good in a mobile phone :: Reply by omerkhan01

21. Apr. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

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