Cannot save widget & add Categories (Wp 3.3.1)

von Joern am 20. Apr. 2012 | Keine Kommentare

Hi Joern, I have read many of the post here and is happy to join this forum which is much alive with lots of tips given to the Arthemia free theme.
I hope you can help me. My site using Arthemia free version is not been able to save any new widget since upgrading 3.3.1. The save ‚wheel‘ spins non-stop. Also, I am not able to add any new Categories for any post.
Any solution will be much appreciated.

(von: babeburp)

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Re: Cannot save widget & add Categories (Wp 3.3.1) :: Reply by Joern

21. Apr. 2012 (von: Joern)

Do you use any add-rotating widget? Looking on different pages of your site, I see more ore less adds.advertising scripts in general go into a widget just as script, not in a <p style="text-align: center;"> with some below (your sidebar-left)I…


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