need help on /CSS issue. Urgent please!

von Joern am 7. Apr. 2012 | Keine Kommentare

Hi there,
My site is here
As you can see I created a div called "woman" and it is supposed to be positioned on the left hand side of my Featured slide show.
This is what my CSS looks like
#woman (line 91)
position: absolute;
height: 357px;
width: 130px;
background-color: #ffffff;
background-image: url("images/womanstanding.jpg");
margin-top: 0pt;
margin-right: 5px;
margin-bottom: 0pt;
margin-left: 5px;
But that is weird because in Stylesheet.css I never made the margin’s 0pt or 5px, so how is this div being rendered with these values.
Here is what I wrote in CSS
#woman {







background-image: url(images/womanstanding.jpg); margin:0 5px;}
So first what is going on, why is Firefox rendering my div with the improper values different than what I set them as and what can I do about it. I just want the div with the woman to be much lower and to the left of my slideshow.
Thanks for your help

(von: omerkhan01)

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Re: need help on /CSS issue. Urgent please! :: Reply by omerkhan01

7. Apr. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

I figured it out. HAHA! Weiterlesen →


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