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Hi, I had a look at your site.
First: I would think about if I really want to load multiple BIG images. In a slider like this all images have to be transferred first to your visitor, a lot of traffic..
Second: You try to load two of this sliders, I would start with one (the smaller in the sidebar) and only if one is working go and setup a second slider.
Third: you might realize these ‚–>‘ under your navigation menu? you actually left the old header stuff in place and tried to ‚comment‘ it out. That’s not working. Better you delete that ‚Gopi header 1.16.2012‘ stuff and keep a backup of the file before changes.
Looking at the traffic coming from your site I would say, the slider is not working correctly, these two images (a terrible… and all that gitters…) are reloading on each display, that’s why it flickers somehow.
Conclusion: start with only one slider at a time, delete stuff you do not need, not just ‚hide‘ it. And do the small one first for bandthwidth reasons.
But do not give up, that’s possible anyway.
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(von: Joern)

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Customize header with slideshow

16. Jan. 2012 (von: kinyofu)

Hi Joern,I am still working with Yoko. Found a plugin called "image slideshow gallery " or Horizontal motion gallery" by Gopi. I would like them to display in place of a still image header. Is that possible?Kinyofuwww.choosetoevolve.com Weiterlesen →


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