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von Joern am 22. Okt. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

I saw the post about TimThumb exploits and the fact that you’ve removed all themes using TimThumb from your site based on that.
I have a WordPress site I am building based on your arthemix-bronze theme, but I have put a great deal of customization into it. So switching to something like Arronovo2 would mean redoing all that custom work from the beginning again. So I thought about getting the latest of version of TimThumb, but I see on their site that there are still possible security problems.
In lieu of having to re-do everything on my site, is there an easy way, once I find all references to TimThumb in my code, to switch all those over to the internal WordPress post thumbnails?

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Re: TimThumb Question :: Reply by Joern

22. Okt. 2011 (von: Joern)

I had some demo themes with timthumb on my demo site and was using the latest script in july '11 ('VERSION', '1.11').In august I found .php files in the themes /cache folder, while there should be only images...Sure, first thing…


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