WP 3.2 visual post editor broken

von Joern am 8. Jul. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

All sites on my server had the problem that in ‚Edit Post‘ under All Posts to edit a single post or page the button ‚Visual‘ didn’t work. The drop down ‚Screen Options‘ and the dropdown to logout also didn’t work.
In my case the problem was clearly the missing php extension json.so
This extension is said to be included in PHP 5.2.4 and above, but some server settings do not have it and do not load it.
Running phpinfo() on your site you should see under json ‚json support enabled‘

If this doesn’t show, you need to get it for WordPress 3.2

WordPress 3.2 required PHP 5.2.4 or later, class-json.php was included for compatibility with older versions of PHP only. It was removed …

check out this post for some more infoemation:
wordpress 3.2 Edit Post visual editor not working json missing
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