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I think the problem is not the carousel, the js-script is loaded on all pages anyway.
Actually adsense shows an ‚empty‘ add, it loads an iframe with no content.
Mostly this happens on new sites, which adsense still didn’t crawl and/or does not find relevant content for adds.
In your case I think adsense still doesn’t ‚know‘ what is the relevant content on your homepage.
Arthemia does not use h1 or h2 tags on homepage, there is only h3 for the categories of the listed posts.
h1 and h2 stands for titles, site-title or post-title, just some important keywords.
(see topic/incorporating-h1-text-in-arthemia in this forum for tips how to add h1 and h2 tags)
So put them in or google for the importance of this tags first.
On homepage you could show the sites description after the title,
you could (and should) use a plugin to add meta name="keywords" and meta name="description" for any page and post to show the crawler what each view ‚talks‘ about.
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Adsense not on homepage, JCarousel Lite to blame?

11. Mai. 2011 (von: boomboom10)

I'm having an issue with my google adsense box on my homepage (www.dofexchange.com).Ads have never appeared on my homepage (white box), but appear fine in all other pages and posts. The only thing different on the homepage is the carousel…


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