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I’d like to refer you to the WordBress Codex site abour author templates:

as a base for an author template take your archive.php and copy it to a file called author.php.
To show the author near a post you need <?php the_author(); ?> like:

<p>This post was written by <?php the_author(); ?></p>
You also want an author link on top the of the site? If you are only one author, why not create a page ‚The Author‘, it will appear there on top.
If you want to show more than one author, you could use wp_list_authors(); as explained on the Codex link given above to generate a list of authors.
You see, this one question of you is actually more than one question. I would start to put an author link to each post (the_author();) and in the next step create author pages if you have more than one author.
What do you want to do first?
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(von: Joern)

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Author Page in Arthemia theme

6. Mai. 2011 (von: sim_a1)

hi i just need help over some little issue. dont know why m not able to figure it out. www.techaban.com is my site and as you can see over there, there is no autor link. how do i go about…

Re: Author Page in Arthemia theme :: Reply by sim_a1

6. Mai. 2011 (von: sim_a1)

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Re: Author Page in Arthemia theme :: Reply by Joern

6. Mai. 2011 (von: Joern)

I think you added in your single file<p>This post was written by <?php the_author(); ?></p>Sorry, told you wrong, to get a link you must use in the same place:<p>Written by:<?php the_author_link(); ?></p>clicking on this 'author' link you come to a…


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