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von Joern am 7. Feb. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

I thought you might want to link (redirect) one or another category to another URL from your category bar ..?

Looking at your site I find quite a lot links going to nowhere or doing permanent redirects to other places: successtools.empoweringwomenslives.com/ redirects to empoweringwomenslives.com/successtools without slash at the end and redirects again to empoweringwomenslives.com/successtools/ just adding this slash

Each redirect takes seconds of time!
Accessing your site with www will first redirect to non www
Your feed is there but the links are not valid – try it. Same about your sitemap.xml
I would not change an existing permalink structure, better to add new stuff linking to new or other sites. Old links should stay with the content they had (in my opinion)
Coming back to your categories, I would leave the old link structure so anyone coming on an old link will find the same content as before.

Just do not display these categories in category bar anymore but create new ones or new links and show them there.
My advice would be, revise your site by leaving old stuff in place, add new stuff (with new links)

You also might change the theme as this will not change old link structure but ‚refresh‘ the look only. Is work because you have to add widgets and sidebar content manually.
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(von: Joern)

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want categories to open up in new directory

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Re: want categories to open up in new directory :: Reply by Joern

7. Feb. 2011 (von: Joern)

just btw, for google is a subdomain really something else than the main URL, www is considered as subdomain already, try in google:site:www.empoweringwomenslives.com - one result onlyandsite:empoweringwomenslives.com - many results, lots of them 'not f... Weiterlesen →


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