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von Joern am 31. Jan. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

got the link, had a look..

first I realized you are using two stylesheets, style.css and mystyle.css, where the later loaded mystyle.css will be used for any duplicate entries.
Try to merge them or backup style.css and save mystyle.css as style.css and load only one of them, common would be just style.css
Looking at your site in IE8 I didn’t see the problem, had to switch to browsermode IE7 in the developer tools to make the ‚headliner‘ jump down.
This new div id headliner is inside the div id="bottom"

normally there is also the sidebar inside this div and the width of #bottom is set to 940px !!
First use only one stylesheet,
than give #bottom a value of:

#bottom {

    width: 612px;


and try again
612px is 590 headliner + 10 + 10 padding + 1 + 1 the border
hope it helps .. ??
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(von: Joern)

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Re: Site Breaks Apart in IE :: Reply by Joern

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I have sent you the site link via your email. Did not post here as site is not yet live. Thank you again for taking a look at this. Weiterlesen →

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Yes, it did. I wouldn't have figured that out myself. Thank you very much! Weiterlesen →


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