Google Chrome 7 Stable Version Released

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Google has released Chrome 7 stable version and fixed over 800 bugs on the three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.
Google has notably improved the management of HTML5 language tipped to become a standard, by using a new algorithm for analyzing web pages. Indeed, the API allows HTML5 File sites and web applications to the contents of local files.
In addition, the new version of Chrome 7 now fully supports AppleScript (for Mac OS X) and a new management window to list the blocked sites while preventing them to create or modify cookies.
This version of Chrome also allows users to upload entire folders from their computers, rather than select only one file at a time. However, this feature relies on HTML5, still very few websites use this option now.
In addition, a dozen security vulnerabilities have been corrected, including five classified as Critical.
Customers who already have Chrome on their computer will automatically receive the update, while those who wish to purchase this version can be downloaded on the main Google site. The download takes only a few minutes.

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