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Hi Riya,
HTML 5 is also a standard for creation and presentation of content on the World Wide Web.
Effects of HTML 5

* HTML 5 will enable a web designer to tell the search engines how to segment a page. Segmentation is the separation of a page into several separate parts like headers, footers, menu, main content etc.
* The introduction of a new <article> tag will allow the marking of separate entries in an online publication, like a blog or a magazine. It will do away with the <div> tag.
* The new <section> tag in HTML 5 can be used to identify separate sections on a page, chapter or a book. Each section can then have its separate HTML heading.
* <Header> tag in HTML 5, not the same as the head element, is a blessing for SEO experts because of its flexibility. The <header> tag, unlike <H1> tag, can contain a lot of stuff, including H1, H2, H3 elements, paragraphs of text and hard-coded links.
* Another feature, the <footer> tag, though does not allow the inclusion of information like the <header> tag, can still prove to be useful for SEO purposes.
* One of the most important new tags would be the <nav> tag, which can be used to identify a collection of links to other pages.
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