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I did never think about this..

The first thing coming to my mind is: what will the search engines see? How do you want to get different versions indexed?
sure you could redirect the access for certain IPs, – I would not do, for sure not with a single URL pointing to different content.
Maybe with a category ‚us‘ to get links like ..mstaggered.com/us/etc
no more ideas..
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GeoIP solutions

12. Jul. 2010 (von: drwhom)

Hi Joern, just a quickie. We're in the process of launching a US version of Staggered (www.iamstaggered.com) and the way we'd like to do it is to keep a single URL. What I'd like to happen is that when people…

Re: GeoIP solutions :: Reply by drwhom

12. Jul. 2010 (von: drwhom)

I think that once the plugin (GEOIP?) had re-directed users they would jump to a country-specific version of the site e.g.www.iamstaggered.com/uswww.iamstaggered.com/uketc. I'm pretty sure that using a sitemap you can split it up so that google knows i... Weiterlesen →

Re: GeoIP solutions :: Reply by Joern

12. Jul. 2010 (von: Joern)

that's how I would do it, actually not the same URL because you get 'us' in it.The same is only the domain, there has to be a difference in the link behind the domain name.I would not try to create…

Re: GeoIP solutions :: Reply by drwhom

12. Jul. 2010 (von: drwhom)

Right, I think that's how I saw it. That staggered.com/us would have an entirely different site structure. I just need to work out how to do that re-direct now based on IP - I think stuff like this would do…


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