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von Joern am 8. Jul. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Hi masteradmin
The main page already shows the post of the author.
I want to display posts from a different category in the sidebar. The category in the sidebar will be different, depending on the author.


(von: adamwork)

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Customize the sidebar, depending on author

8. Jul. 2010 (von: adamwork)

Hi allSo here is my situation.I have author.php, which shows a list of latest posts from that author. On the top right hand corner, I then have information about the author (Biog, Name etc).Underneath that, I want to display posts…

Re: Customize the sidebar, depending on author :: Reply by master

8. Jul. 2010 (von: master)

I guess you query for a certain category and want to show posts of the current author only?Let's say you query for a category like this:query_posts('cat=4');to get this query display only posts of the author you just show, you can…


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