Arthemia Free and WordPress 3.0

von Joern am 18. Jun. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

First of all, does anyone know what happened to the Arthemia Free forums at the originator’s web page?
and second of all, Has anyone tried Arthemia Free with WordPress 3.0 to see if it works properly?
Thanks for your help and support in advance.

(von: onwardft)

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Re: Arthemia Free and WordPress 3.0 :: Reply by master

19. Jun. 2010 (von: master)

The Arthemia Forum is either switched off or just down, you might find help here ..Arthemia Free is running with Wordpress 3.0, no problem yet. I updated two Arthemia sites to WP 3.0 yesterday. The sites look the same and…

Re: Arthemia Free and WordPress 3.0 :: Reply by onwardft

19. Jun. 2010 (von: onwardft)

masteradminI just performed the switchover to WP 3.0 - So far, I see no problems. My sites look the same, nothing in error.log, and everything appears to be normal at this time.Thanks for your answer Weiterlesen →


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