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von Joern am 15. Jun. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

hard to say without seeing it live..
but why you use float left for the fineprint? It should align left without a float. And instead of hr (horizontal line) I would use border-top in css

A horizontal ruler looks in different browsers different if you do not style it in css like this sample:

background-color: #000;

color: #000;

border: 0;

height: 1px;

I see only a line in this forum, but a horizontal ruler has to be written like this:

<hr />
not just

<hr />
guessed enough, hope it helps
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(von: Joern)

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Problems with Footer in IE7

15. Jun. 2010 (von: adamwork)

Hi allThis is my code in the php - footer:Code:<div id="footer-container">       <div id="footer">       <div id="front-popular" class="clearfloat">         <div id="recentpost" class="clearfloat">            <h3>Stay in touch</h3>» Contact us» RSS feeds» Email alerts   …


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