can you recommend any good turnkey solutions for this site

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I am developing a Villa booking portal for a client. I can’t find any wordpress plug in or theme that handles this.
Essentially, I want in the sidebar or on the main page a search box which allows you to search for rental villa properties by # beds, #baths, pets allowed/not allowed, etc. And then when you click on search it takes you to a results page
That lists the property by title, small description and thumbnail. You can then click on the title which is a hyperlink and a more detailed page opens up

which has a thumbnail gallery, property features, a booking function, an availability calendar which tells you when this property has been book and what dates are open and available. You can then click on the calendar and make the booking. You can then also send an email to the owner and in the e-mail contents will be included the property you are inquiring about. You can also book online after selecting your dates and pay with Paypal’s Express Checkout feature.
I can’t find any open source or even any good commercial turnkey solutions.
Can you recommend anything?

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Re: can you recommend any good turnkey solutions for this site :: Reply by Joern

15. Jun. 2010 (von: Joern)

frankly speaking - no idea, sorry. You might extend your search to a solution to rent something in general like a car, a tank , sound-equipment or something else.Coming across an existing site check the source code for the cms…


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