two quick questions-1. CSS for main logo or not and 2. Read more link !

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Hi Joern,
I have two final questions. As you can see my CMS is turning out exactly the way my client wanted it. You cansee here.
Just two questions.
I want to put a header logo. Now would you simply go into index.php and after get header.php
Put an <img src="abc.jpg"></img> and set the logo at the top like that
or create a div in the main index.php
Like in the same position like
<div class="toplogo"
<img src="http://www.abc.com/abc.gif"></img>
and then basically
in CSS
Put .toplogo
and then configure the properties here?
Sedondly, I want to add a "read more" link or button after my Frontpage post snippet and I can’t seem to do that.
I tried the advanced excerpt plug in

I also tried to use WP’s built in read more function by inserting it into the HTML version of my post and no read more link is shown on my post.
I think it is because in index.php
there is no
"<read more>" code in the write post area write.
to create a link
Please advise.
This site is almost done.
NOTE: i figured out the logo think.
What I did was remove
<img src="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "Thumbnail", true);?>" height="80" width="80" align="left"/>

<?php the_content_rss(“, TRUE, “, 35); ?>
From index.php and replaced them with.<?php the_content( $more_link_text); ?>
Then what happens is in your post.
Wherever there is a
that is where you put a read more link. Or rather the code does it. It is also cool, my advanced excerpt plug in because it tells you how many words the article is and how long it would take to read it, how many images, etc.
My only two questions remaining boss are.
1. How to add a top banner logo. Referenced from before.
2. Also, I want to take the page navigation bar menu options
and put them like on top, right, like at myclient’s old site.
3. Lastly, how to change the link of the read more link. I am assuming something of course in CSS like a link color or something right?
After these three things and adding one adsense Ad, I will have effectively restored my client’s blog and made it much better. I also added a cool contact tab that follows you around, as I am developing for my real estate client.
Thanks man

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Re: two quick questions-1. CSS for main logo or not and 2. Read more link ! :: Reply by master

22. Mai. 2010 (von: master)

the banner: in your header.php is already the full code for a clickable banner, you just removed the original image (images/backgrounds/topbanner.gif)the reference for this is in style.css#branding {background:url("images/backgrounds/topbanner.gif") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;height:100px;padding-bottom:15px;width:625px;}putting your logo as topbanner.gif in the size…


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