Enable/disable comments on all posts with disqus and arthemia

von Joern am 7. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Hi, I have disqus comment system plugin installed instead of default wordpress comments but somehow settings under Discussion is not applied to disqus. I have selected show comments on all posts but its not showing up. I need to manually activate comments on all posts.

Can I tweak disqus.php or manage.php in the plugin folder to achieve this. I could not find it in disqus settings. Also I don’t need to display comments under pages. But they need to appear under all posts. Any help would be highly appreciated

I would like to know if theme has any role to play in this?
Settings like show posts for X no of days is not applied.
Any ideas?

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Re: Enable/disable comments on all posts with disqus and arthemia :: Reply by master

7. Mai. 2010 (von: master)

Actually Arthemia is loading comments_template(); in single.php (posts) as well as in page.php (pages)by removing in page.php this:Code:<div id="comments">   <?php comments_template(); ?>   </div>you will disable comments on all pages.For posts it's exactly the same. (Like default WordPress theme)About disqus I…


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