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von Joern am 22. Apr. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

sorry, I was wrong, this ‚Feature Article‘ stuff should be for ‚Browse Journals‘.

It is actually the fix for the thing you just noticed.

I wanted to say replace under div id="middle" class="clearfloat" this:
<span class="textimg">Browse Journals</span>
<span class="textimg clearfloat">Browse Journals</span>
to move the text above the category bar to the left…
(not in header.php but in index.php)
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(von: master)

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Banner help

21. Apr. 2010 (von: kinyofu)

Thanks Joern, I did not understand the difference between the 2 forums. Thanks for the cutting and pasting idea - it worked. Your reply:Your header loads bannerfans_5793749(3).png, so I guess this is coded in your header.php? What should be 'reflected'…

Re: Banner help :: Reply by Joern

21. Apr. 2010 (von: Joern)

Hi, you could also copy and paste a shorter version to be displayed, like this now the article is too long for my feeling. You could however display more thoughts of the day beside..?And looking at the source code in…

Re: Banner help :: Reply by kinyofu

21. Apr. 2010 (von: kinyofu)

Great. All's well. I pasted in the code about align left but I saw no difference. As for the banner, I re-downloaded it and re-uploaded it. I must have missed a step earlier. I did not even realize you were…

Re: Banner help :: Reply by master

21. Apr. 2010 (von: master)

Kinyofu, this <span class="textimg clearfloat">Feature Article</span>is still not in your index.php, no wonder you see no changes____________________you find me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook Weiterlesen →

Re: Banner help :: Reply by kinyofu

21. Apr. 2010 (von: kinyofu)

Something wierd is happening. I, too, do not see that code in the 'view source', but it is in fact in my wordpress editor and saved. See following: <div id="headline"><!--banner removed <img src="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>/wp-content/themes/arthemia/images/headline.png" width="400px" height="40px" alt="" />--><span…

Re: Banner help :: Reply by kinyofu

21. Apr. 2010 (von: kinyofu)

Another thing I am noticing.... In firefox, my Browse Journals is in the middle of the page - it should be on the left (as Internet Explorer shows). How do I fix this?Kinyofu Weiterlesen →

Re: Banner help :: Reply by kinyofu

22. Apr. 2010 (von: kinyofu)

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but it's still not working. What am I missing? I see that my source code has the code without the clearfloat, but I assure you I did save it in my wordpress.Kinyofu Weiterlesen…

Re: Banner help :: Reply by master

22. Apr. 2010 (von: master)

Kinyofu, I actually never use this WordPress theme editor. I tell you how my working flow is:I use Filezilla ftp programm to connect to my site and backup all on my pc in a folder with the sites name.Now I…


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