frozen smoke

von blogdot admin am 20. Aug. 2007

Ein Gel aus einem NASA Labor zu 99.8 Prozent aus Luft.

Die Substanz, beschrieben als ‚gefrorener Rauch‘ für sein dunstig blaues Aussehen, ist ein neues auf Silikon basierendes Material um Partikel im tiefen Weltraum zu sammeln.

Materials Science. How Aerogels Work. By: Heather Quinlan | Updated: Nov 30, 2023. Aerogels are known as "frozen smoke" because of their ghostly blue look. NASA/JPL-Caltech. Aerogel, a material created on a bet between two Researchers have developed a sensor made from 'frozen smoke' that uses artificial intelligence techniques to detect formaldehyde in real time at concentrations as low as eight parts per ‘ ’ could protect electronics from annoying static. It would shield circuits from disruption and possible damage from nearby motors and more. A porous new material can help shield electronic circuits and computer chips from Green Buildings: Frozen smoke - The lecture explored many technologies including , an aerogel claimed to be the world's lightest solid. is extremely strong, highly insulating and transparent, and is now being used to radically reduce heat Tags: green, buildings, frozen, Silica aerogels have been given nicknames like ‘ ’ and ‘solid cloud’, and with a porosity of somewhere between 90 and 99.8%, aerogels truly are mostly air. This not only makes

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