&format=rss is not a feed in bing search results anymore

von Joern am 1. Jul. 2011 | 1 Kommentar

It looks like the Bing search engine is not supplying valid feeds anymore for requests with the ending &format=rss

In june 2011 a bing search looking for ‚wordpress‘ like
resulted in a valid rss feed.

Today, first of july, this url shows just a normal html page and not a feed anymore!?

My RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader can’t render this.

Now, is their feed down or do I do something wrong? Do you experience the same change in Bing’s rss feed?

The workaround might be this article: Accessing Bing through RSS where they use a link like
and say:

This is the only part of the new Bing API that can be used by end users, since it is the only URI that doesn’t require an AppID as part of the query string.

this works, I do not know if the results are to compare with the results you got before..

it looks like also the Bing News RSS feed has moved to http://api.bing.com/rss.aspx?Source=News


  • https://www google com/

bing format=rss change


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  1. Dirk sagt:

    Thanks for this description ! I faced the same problem and thought something were wrong with my webpage.

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