Arthemix ME using autoinsert external flickr images with timthumb

von Joern am 3. Dez. 2009 | Keine Kommentare

This is a post to test a version of timthumb allowing to load external images. Included in this new theme is a function to grab the first image in your post. So there is no need to set up a custom field named ‚Image‘ with the path to your locally hosted image.

This is not working in free versions of Arthemix!

The WordPress Themes Arthemix ME / ME2 and all Barthami Themes you can select on top of the page will show a picture here.

no custom field to get a resized image, it’s automaticly inserted by fitering the content of the post.

Let’s look for a nice image on flickr first and see if it works!

carrera GT

Original flickr image 1280 x 853 from www.flickr.com/photos/vodcars/3858198307/

autoinsert external flickr image


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