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your product pages will possibly have no link in a new menubar anymore. these pages use a css file in arthemia folder, as long you keep this folder this file will be used.
The images in your product pages you load from the root of your site, so I guess your root directory is full of all sorts of files, .htm, .html, .js, .php, .js, .mp3, .jpg gifs and more?
Very hard to clean up, it would be wise to keep different files in different folders, at least any media files in a /media/ folder.
Why not make WordPress ‚pages‘ from your custom files right from the beginning?
I am sure it will not hurt your site to load up another theme and just switch to have a look. Switching back to arthemia theme will instantly show all your content as it is now, so switching will not change something on switch back.
And yes, it’s almost all about CSS, a style.css can detect screen resolution and resize the content as you like.
Most responsive themes work with percentage in width, font size, image size etc, so you need only to change some values and the values inside adjust accordingly.
I know it’s a lot of work, but I would change the theme. Just look for a responsive theme looking similar to arthemia, change header images and put your .htm pages into the content of wordpress – somehow…
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I am using Arthemia theme. How to make my WP mobile friendly

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Re: I am using Arthemia theme. How to make my WP mobile frie :: Reply by Joern

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