Re: Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1 :: Reply by f-t-cat

von Joern am 7. Nov. 2012 | Keine Kommentare

delete posts and deleted topics permanently from the database worked for me today!
I followed your steps above:
First ‚delete‘ all spam topics in your forum dashboard to get marked as deleted
Second delete all posts in this marked as deleted topics as sql in phpmyadmin:….
thank you!
bbpress 1.1 delete deleted posts from database, I had old posts marked as spam reappearing on the site even in another post!?

(von: f-t-cat)

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Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1

23. Okt. 2011 (von: master)

I just upgraded the forum software used here from version to bbpress 1.1Actually bbpress is now available a plugin for WordPress, bbpress 2.0 plugin, which might be the next step for me. As it is not possible to import/convert…

Re: Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1 :: Reply by Joern

24. Okt. 2011 (von: Joern)

this forum is running now on bbPress 1.1, but I get the feeling as if the support for bbPress has stopped long time ago ..If I want to logout from the dasboard, I get a blank page, why?Searching the web…


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