Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1

von Joern am 23. Okt. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

I just upgraded the forum software used here from version to bbpress 1.1
Actually bbpress is now available a plugin for WordPress, bbpress 2.0 plugin, which might be the next step for me. As it is not possible to import/convert bbpress 0.9x to the plugin 2.0 version, I had to go this upgrade path via bbpress 1.1
Switching to this latest and last standalone bbpress worked flawless as it seems by now.
Just two plugins I used seem to be obsolete, as they are buikt in now.
One is the plugin ‚Subscribe to Topic‘ which gave you the chance to be emailed on updates.

Possibly you have to use the ‚Notify me of follow-up posts via email‘ marker below to renew your email subscription – we will see.
The second plugin not needed anymore is ‚Topics Per Page‘ for pagination, I just set topics per page in the dashboard now.
On converting the database I realized once again that all spam and deleted posts/topics are still kept in this database…
I deleted them in phpmyadmin in four steps:
First ‚delete‘ all spam topics in your forum dashboard to get marked as deleted
Second delete all posts in this marked as deleted topics as sql in phpmyadmin:

DELETE FROM bb_posts WHERE post_id IN (
SELECT post_id FROM (
FROM bb_posts AS p LEFT JOIN bb_topics AS t ON p.topic_id=t.topic_id
WHERE t.topic_status=1
) AS bb_posts_in_deleted_topics
Third: remove all deleted posts:

DELETE FROM bb_posts WHERE post_status=1;
At last remove all deleted topics:

DELETE FROM bb_topics WHERE topic_status=1;
I think now the database is cleaner and you should recount posts in the Tools of your Dashboard, just tick all boxes.
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Re: Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1 :: Reply by Joern

24. Okt. 2011 (von: Joern)

this forum is running now on bbPress 1.1, but I get the feeling as if the support for bbPress has stopped long time ago ..If I want to logout from the dasboard, I get a blank page, why?Searching the web…

Re: Upgrading this forum from bbpress to bbpress 1.1 :: Reply by f-t-cat

7. Nov. 2012 (von: f-t-cat)

delete posts and deleted topics permanently from the database worked for me today!I followed your steps above:First 'delete' all spam topics in your forum dashboard to get marked as deleted(BACKUP FIRST by EXPORTING, WHO KNOWS)Second delete all posts i... Weiterlesen…


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