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just testing code.button function


function bbcode_buttons() {

$tags = bb_allowed_tags();

echo  "<scr"."ipt type='text/javascript' defer='defer'>

   function BBcodeButtons_init() {

test codebutton using pre code /code /pre


function BBcodeButtonsToolbar() {

if (typeof bbField == 'undefined') {bbField = document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];}

if (bbField) {

smilieCount=0, BBcodeButtons = new Array(), edOpenTags = new Array();

BBcodeButtons_init(); var buttonhtml="";

for (i = 0; i < BBcodeButtons.length; i++) {

if (BBcodeButtons[i].access) {var accesskey = ' accesskey = "' + BBcodeButtons[i].access + '"'} else {var accesskey = '';}

buttonhtml+='<div title="' + BBcodeButtons[i].title + '" id="' + BBcodeButtons[i].id + '" style="' + BBcodeButtons[i].style + '" ' + accesskey + ' class="ed_button" ';

buttonhtml+='onmouseover="edOver(this);" onmouseout="edOut(this);" onclick="edClick('+ i+');">' + BBcodeButtons[i].display + '</div>';

var CSS='#bbcode_buttons div {float:left; border: 1px outset; color: black; background: buttonface; padding: 0px 6px 1px 6px; margin: 1px 7px 2px 0;'

   +'font: 1.2em times, serif; word-spacing: -1px; height: 16px; vertical-align:middle; line-height:16px;'

   +'text-align:center; position:relative; cursor: pointer; cursor: hand;}';
var stylesheet = document.createElement('style'); stylesheet.type = 'text/css';

if (stylesheet.styleSheet){stylesheet.styleSheet.cssText = CSS;}

else {stylesheet.appendChild(document.createTextNode(CSS));}

var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];


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how do you format „tag“ pages in WordPress. See this.

21. Jun. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

Here is my page in question that was picked up by Google and is a tag page.It needs to be nicely formatted. In particular, line feeds or line space. How and where do you do thatHere is the tag page…

Re: how do you format „tag“ pages in WordPress. See this. :: Reply by Joern

21. Jun. 2012 (von: Joern)

As usual I check the source code first, Firefox marks some not valid stuff just in red colour.1. Now, let's start with the content of this particular tag page, that is the stuff you put in the post editor:Title size…

Re: how do you format „tag“ pages in WordPress. See this. :: Reply by testonly

25. Aug. 2012 (von: testonly)

Thanks for giving me the toronto pua training tag. In this tag we find the better information. Weiterlesen →


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