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As usual I check the source code first, Firefox marks some not valid stuff just in red colour.

1. Now, let’s start with the content of this particular tag page, that is the stuff you put in the post editor:

Title size is set in style.css #front-list .title, #archive .title, leave this alone as it could change other stuff on other pages.
Next an empty div class="meta" gives some space (normally here is date and comments)
The first paragraph starts with two br/, each one pushing this text down a bit.
The next two paragraphs are just the images of a text. Google can’t ‚read‘ this…
Also the images need to have an alt-tag, it should look like this:

<img src="http://www.maaximumseduction.com/livereviewone.gif" alt="I could have never learned this stuff .." title="I could have never learned this stuff .." />
There is no /img at the end! Same applies for workshops image an moreinfo, alt-tag is a must, even if nothing is written in there.
Better would be to put the real text in there!
2. Everything else you see on this page is created and formatted by the theme template.

your theme arthemia is using archive.php for categories, tags and other archives

Below the words: Home » Archive you get some horizontal lines, two grey lines are the

h2 class="title" where normally should be written: Articles tagged with: …

yours is an empty div, you modified the template?
The strong red line is from div class="clearfloat"
Next is the word ‚Featured »‘ in h3 class=cat_title. Here is a typing error in arthemia template for this double arrow, the &raquo you should terminate it with ";" (just a ; is missing for correct html)
3. use http://validator.w3.org/ for this tag page.

lot’s of stuff not really valid..

even in footer.php a h5 with no end, this should read:


a href="your site" Copyright © 2006. your name /a


target blank not needed here too, it opens your site just once more.
enough, hope it helps
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