is there a way to resize image to cut off black border?

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So here is the site in question.

The thumbnails on the main page for each video are pulled from youtube. Youtube automatically puts a black border or space above and below the picture.
I was thinking a few ways to eliminate them.
One would be to use timthumb.php to resize the image, but then that would shrink the whole image including the black space as that is part of the image.

I was thinking about finding in stylesheet what controls the img property for the images in that divide, but then again that would simply reduce the image which the black space is a part of.
Is there anyway to automate this or does the client have to import the images in fireworks or photoshop and crop the black space and then resave the file.

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Re: is there a way to resize image to cut off black border? :: Reply by master

16. Mai. 2012 (von: master)

there is a way to crop images via css, just google for that. I found this might be interesting for you: http://cssglobe.com/post/6089/3-easy-an ... faux-imageinside your div class="boxentry" you have to create a new div or give the image a class="crop"…


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