quick question about retrieving img info from an API call from IMDB movie database

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here is the site in question. It is templated by ASKIT, a "Question and Answer theme". Mimics a Yahoo Answers type of function and look.
Anyways in this particular use, the webmaster allows people to post questions about a movie.
For instance
"What was that movie in 1897 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the forest monster".
Then if you know the answer you can click on "Reply" or "Comment"
And it has a form like
Movie Title

IMDB link. You put the actually path to the IMDB page for that movie.
Now if your answer is chosen correct by the person who asks the question

Then as you can see
Your comment box turns green

it says Answer deemed right by the community
WHat I want to know is, how to make the img appear or movie poster graphic for the right answer.
So I was thinking that there has to be an "Onclick or js function that takes the onclick
action when the "Question" asker selects "This is the right answer" and outputs the
Green background

Success message, etc

I want this to include the poster of the movie as an img captured from IMDB using an API call.
So there must be code(I couldn’t find the code or script( I used firebug) like if onlick then equals right answer template class

template class in css has green background

Then for the movie image it should be something like

If onlick or select.right answer


Moviee img is called, based on the imdb link which is provided from an API from IMDB and stored in a variable called "Movie-img"

and then you can echo "movie-img.gif"

and then echo <img src="movie-img.gif">
Your thoughts are appreciated

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