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the feature boxes: I understand the theme setup like this:
there are three boxes with title, image and some text – you make extra pages for that and set them in theme options.

from this pages you link to the full text in another!! post or page. No excerpt actually, it’s seperate entries.
you created 3 pages with limited content, as you did should be okay.

These are displayed on your frontpage (here home.php is used, not index.php!!)
The important part still not working on your site is the "read more" link.
This link I believe can link to any post or page or even category on your site, this post, page or whatever has to be there of course.
So leave this three homeboxpages and try to make 3 posts with the full content as you like to show. I might be wise to title them NOT exactly as the homeboxpage, maybe for the ‚WP development‘ box you link to a post titled ‚Our WP development for you‘
Get the link for this new post and insert it into the Home Box 1 "read more" link.

Homebox1 should be linked in the read more link to your post.
for the other boxes two more posts in the same way, modify the title somehow I suggest.
The conventional way is with this theme almost not possible, it’s made to display something like a ’static front-page‘
Also check your permalink settings, I just clicked your ‚Home‘ button, it’s linked to /home/ and does not exist.

Sometimes it helps to save the permalink settings as they are again, to update it.
the language stuff: I think the dasboard is the backend, this one takes it’s language settings from wp-config. for Spanish I think define (‚WPLANG‘, ‚es_ES‘);

now you still need the language files in /wp-content/languages/. these files MUST be the correct version of your wordpress.

These language files in wp-content are for your dashboard / backend.
This language setting in wp-config.php will also show (in source code) in the header of your site, search engines will think it’s spanish! now it’s dir="ltr" lang="en-US"
Boldy is not ‚translation ready‘, there is no /languages/ folder inside the theme, so it will display on the frontend most stuff in english. For the frontend you need translation files in /languages/ folder inside your theme.
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Need urgent help with Front page, WP language translation and Plug in issue pls

12. Apr. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

Hi so my site is located hereI am using the theme "Boldly" and here is what I am trying to doAs you can see the 3 "Feature boxes" . I only want a portion of the post or my excerpt…

Re: Need urgent help with Front page, WP language translation and Plug in issue pls :: Reply by omerkhan01

13. Apr. 2012 (von: omerkhan01)

Thanks your suggestions worked perfectly.The home page issue was because I temporarily disabled custom permalinks. Once enabled my home page is now going to my home page, index.php Omar Weiterlesen →


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