Help! Homepage fonts are all italics

von Joern am 18. Nov. 2011 | Keine Kommentare


I just changed my website to the excellent Arthemia theme and for reasons unknown on my homepage all the fonts are in italics. Is there anything you can suggest that I may do to remove that? Many, many thanks.


(von: Marinka)

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Re: Help! Homepage fonts are all italics :: Reply by Joern

19. Nov. 2011 (von: Joern)

Hi Marinka, I can see the italics..I think your problem starts in the second post in the featured section:The title of this post in source code reads:Pentagon Report Reveals Financial Terrorism Suspected in 2008 Economic Crash…<i>Updatedthere is an open <i>…

Re: Help! Homepage fonts are all italics :: Reply by Marinka

20. Nov. 2011 (von: Marinka)

Thank you so very much. Problem solved.Best, Marinka Weiterlesen →


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