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The default theme bbPress forum is not very catchy and strong eyes. You can easily change the template. BBshowcase has provided a series of templates to forums powered by bbPress. I installed the template structure of my forum. Take a look here. Full list bbPress templates and themes available in BBshowcase here.
-Install new theme or custom bbPress

Installation is very easy bbPress themes. Just follow the simple steps below.
Create a directory named ‚my-templates‘ in the root directory of bbPress. Suppose you have installed the bbPress forum ‚forum‘ folder (follow the installation steps above). Now you have to create a folder called ‚my-templates.

Select the theme and download it to your desktop. Unzip the folder. Now upload the theme to your server on your my-templates directory using any FTP client. You can use Cute FTP, FileZilla or other FTP software. Make sure the transfer mode is set to automatic. No FTP in ASCII ‚mode, existing staff more than the current theme or images within the folder will not be visible in your forum.

Enter as Keymaster.

Click Administration and then select the Design tab. The new item is added to the topic at hand. Select your new theme to be your current bbPress theme.

If you want to design your own theme bbPress then follow the steps suggested by bbPress here.

After you have installed bbPress forum and changed the subject that best fits your taste or blog website, now is the time to install plugins. I’ve compiled a list of 20 plugins bbPress with the installation steps that must be installed to make your forum much more robust, flexible and different from others.

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How do I install a bbPress theme?

28. Okt. 2009 (von: Xarzu)

How do I install a bbPress theme? I created the "my-templates" directory and I unzipped my theme into a folder in that directory. But when I go to my bbPress dashboard, the screenshot for my new theme shows a blank…

Re: How do I install a bbPress theme? :: Reply by master

28. Okt. 2009 (von: master)

@Xarzuit might be you use a theme not running on your version of bbPress. If you see no screenshot of the new theme in your "my-templates" folder, then there is no screenshot.png in this themes folder.I used the Kakumei theme…

Re: How do I install a bbPress theme? :: Reply by Xarzu

29. Okt. 2009 (von: Xarzu)

I am happy to say I got it working.Changing permissions on the folders did the trick!After that, I saw the preview in the dashboard and I was able to activate it.(bbpress) http://www.arguemax.com/bbpress-1.0.2/bbpress/(wordpress) http://www.arguemax.... Weiterlesen →

Re: How do I install a bbPress theme? :: Reply by dream

11. Nov. 2011 (von: dream)

Thanks for this great share. This site is a fantastic resource. Keep up the great work here at Sprint Connection! Many thanks. Weiterlesen →

Customize header with slideshow

16. Jan. 2012 (von: kinyofu)

Hi Joern,I am still working with Yoko. Found a plugin called "image slideshow gallery " or Horizontal motion gallery" by Gopi. I would like them to display in place of a still image header. Is that possible?Kinyofuwww.choosetoevolve.com Weiterlesen →

Re: Customize header with slideshow :: Reply by Joern

17. Jan. 2012 (von: Joern)

Hi, I had a look at your site.First: I would think about if I really want to load multiple BIG images. In a slider like this all images have to be transferred first to your visitor, a lot of traffic..Second:…


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