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I just used a post-rating plugin (WP-PostRatings) a while ago, I got the feeling it blows up the database, made the site slow due to many queries and – these plugins do not bring you any more visitors.
AJAX uses JavaScript to generate new page content and search engine robots can not crawl these modified pages. Most search engines won’t read JavaScript. In a view of SEO: content that is only accessible through AJAX requests will not (yet) be indexed by search engines. (just my opinion)
I just had a look on UPM, if you think that worked best, why not go with it?
A crazy layout is mostly the problem of styling in css, that is always to solve.
If you test ajax plugins on a test site in a subfolder of your site, you might run into problems as well.
Ajax based plugins often are using a content update feature without page refresh and will not find required WordPress core files in wp-admin or wp-includes folders (eg: admin-ajax.php)
Anyway, layout problems shouldn’t be such a problem…
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(von: Joern)

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Arthemia poll’s

13. Sep. 2011 (von: Annie)

Hi Jorn!You shouldn´t happen to know if any wordpress poll works with Arthemia?I tryed out A LOT of them, UPM Polls, Version 1.0.4, By ProfProjects ( Artyom Chakhoyan ) works best, but is not good enough, since the layout goes…

Re: Arthemia poll’s :: Reply by Annie

22. Sep. 2011 (von: Annie)

I have desited to wait, maybe I´ll look at it later. Thanks Weiterlesen →


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