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von Joern am 13. Sep. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

Hi Jorn!
You shouldn´t happen to know if any wordpress poll works with Arthemia?

I tryed out A LOT of them, UPM Polls, Version 1.0.4, By ProfProjects ( Artyom Chakhoyan ) works best, but is not good enough, since the layout goes crazy from time to time.
Best regards Annie

(von: Annie)

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Re: Arthemia poll’s :: Reply by Joern

14. Sep. 2011 (von: Joern)

I just used a post-rating plugin (WP-PostRatings) a while ago, I got the feeling it blows up the database, made the site slow due to many queries and - these plugins do not bring you any more visitors.AJAX uses JavaScript…

Re: Arthemia poll’s :: Reply by Annie

22. Sep. 2011 (von: Annie)

I have desited to wait, maybe I´ll look at it later. Thanks Weiterlesen →


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