Re: Navbar Displays Incorrectly in Safari :: Reply by f-t-cat

von Joern am 17. Feb. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

in safari you can use the right mouse click and choose ‚element information‘

selecting div id navbar you can see that there appears to be the link twitter.com/architerials
looking at the source code of your site you see that you didn’t close all the a href= in div class="right"

Each link to this social icon images should end with an /a as is done just above in div id="logo" class="left"
edit header.php carefully and add in div class="right" this closing /a (6 times – one for each icon)
This should help

(von: f-t-cat)

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Navbar Displays Incorrectly in Safari

17. Feb. 2011 (von: ARCHITERIALS)

I love the arthemia free template but one thing has always bothered me:When I look at the site using Safari, the navbar seems to grow to be bigger than the pagebar menu buttons. The search form floats upwards, the pagebar…

Re: Navbar Displays Incorrectly in Safari :: Reply by ARCHITERIALS

17. Feb. 2011 (von: ARCHITERIALS)

It worked! Thank you to infinity f-t-cat! Weiterlesen →


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