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the code above has to go into style.css of your theme folder.

Just add it in a new line at the end of style.css
It’s actually to make sub-child-pages line up beside the dropdown of child-pages, it might help you with the color of of the main-page item, not sure.
This complete #page-bar styling in Arthemia is actually sh*t, there was a time when I replaced all this code starting with #page-bar by this some lines:
/* Dropdown Menus pagebar */

#page-bar, #page-bar ul {padding: 0;margin: 0;list-style: none; line-height: 1;z-index: 100;}

#page-bar a {display: block;line-height: 17px;padding: 7px 14px;color:#000;font-weight:bold;}

#page-bar a:hover{color: #F5F5F5;background: url(images/bg-page-bardark.png) repeat !important;background: #FFF;text-decoration:none;}

#page-bar .current_page_item a, #page-bar .current-cat a{color: #fff;background: url(images/bg-page-bardark.png) repeat !important;background: #000;text-decoration:none;}

#page-bar li { float: left; z-index:200;}

#page-bar li ul { position: absolute; width: 170px; left: -999em; }

#page-bar li ul li { background: #FFF url(images/bg-page-bardark.png) repeat !important;background: #000; }

#page-bar li ul li a { line-height: 17px; width: 170px; }

#page-bar li a:hover {}

#page-bar li ul ul { margin: -31px 0 0 198px; }

#page-bar li ul ul li a { line-height: 17px; }

#page-bar li ul li ul li a { }

#page-bar li:hover ul, #page-bar li.sfhover ul { left: auto; }

#page-bar li:hover ul ul, #page-bar li.sfhover ul ul { left: -999em; }

#page-bar li:hover ul, #page-bar li li:hover ul, #page-bar li.sfhover ul, #page-bar li li.sfhover ul { left: auto; }

#page-bar li:hover, #page-bar li.hover { color: #F5F5F5;position: static; } /* IE7 Fix */

you can see this code here:
under ‚about‘ and under ‚themes‘ button

However, it would take hours to explain you what to remove and where to put the background images..
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