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von Joern am 14. Feb. 2011 | Keine Kommentare

that happens because the height of div id headline and div id featured is not set in style.css

you load a social sharing plugin below the image in headline section, making it higher than before.

Best would be to set a fix height for both, #headline and #featured, with the same value.

So add under #headline as well as under #featured a value like:

it might be 370px to 400px, I do not see your site…


#featured .clearfloat {




you could increase the space between the images to fill the space equally in featured.
Anyway, I would load plugins like this socializing thing not on frontpage but only on the individual single post they actually refer to.
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(von: master)

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Arthemia Free – Resizing stretch out headline picture

14. Feb. 2011 (von: Lucky500)

Sorry if this question have been covered before, but I could not find it.I am trying to figure why arthemia free is stretching the headline picture of my blog.gap between headline and feature columnis there a way to have it…

Re: Arthemia Free – Resizing stretch out headline picture :: Reply by Lucky500

17. Feb. 2011 (von: Lucky500)

I didn't realize I had that plugin on the front page, I just removed it and it took care of it.THanks! Weiterlesen →


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