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this is all a question about style.css
You assigned a background image for some style like h3 or blockquote or strong or anything else.
I think your contact page and your kahveli post are using this style so it get applied.
Okay, if you want this style only in comments or sidebar you have to put in style.css not just




or anything else as this will be valid for all blockquotes or strong in your site.
Better assign this background image only for the place where you want it, like

.commentlist blockquote {


.post strong {
like this you format only blockqoutes in commentlist or strong in post
Do you get it?
I really like to use the addon firebug for firefox to explore styles on a site.

If you use Chrome you can right-click your browser screen and choose the last entry there, explore element (I have it in German, no idea what the english browser shows)

I just see, I use firebug for chrome to do this.
Seeing a site live I could help easily…
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Re: First line(s) of post/page scattered :: Reply by Dominik

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